Friday, March 11, 2005

Watchpoint 06-03-2005

Members only watchpoint 06-03-2005
Sunday 6th March 2005
0735 - 1005hr
Weather and Sky:
In total contrast to yesterday, a static fair weather, anticyclonic, windless, cloudless, brilliantly sunny, cold, and frosty morning. Wind: initially NNW F2 @ 0620 becoming S / variable calm / less than F1 by 0730, then NW F2 by 0900 and remaining similar @ 1015hr. Temp: initially –3 dp –4 @ 0650hr rising –2 (-3 @ wp) dp –3 by 0750, then 0 (-2 @ wp) dp –4 by 0930hr and finally +1 (-0.5 @ wp) dp –3 by 1015hr. Visibility: initially NW max (Ingleborough), E max (Pudsey) and gradually reducing slightly as time went on. Cloud: initially milky translucent cirrostratus 9ok with brilliant sun – a small amount of altostratus to far SE, similar for most of the visit but by 0950 in addition to the cirrostratus, alto cu and alto st becoming widespread 7ok, before clearing again after I had left. QNH: strong rise over night and continuing during the morning, with 1028 @ 0630 and 1030 by 1015hr.

Idealic conditions to be out early morning, crisp, sparkling and below zero throughout. Good in all respect for detecting vis that was on the wing. No passerines were really high and calls could be detected early. Skylarks were again on the move, most prominently from c0905 to 0930hr. Sixteen in five groups were noted with most going west and these were the most pleasing birds of the day. A few Meadow Pipits were in the sky with one directly o/h west – a very satisfying bird.

Moving birds:
Mips 4 > S and 1 > W o/h = total 5
Skylark 16 > mainly W in five groups (WSW – NW)
Curlew – calls heard early from birds in the sky > NE none seen
Golden Plover 14 > NW
Oystercatcher 4 > S
Rook 1 > NW
Lapwing 44 > N and NW
Chaffinch 2 > W
Magpie 7 > high NW
Wood Pigeon 8 various
Fieldfare 35 > SE
Reed Bunting 1 > N

Lapwing c150 pr bf as well as some in fields.
Kestrel 1
Spawk 1
Mistle Thrush 2
B Tits
C Crow c20
Magpie 2