Sunday, May 08, 2005

Swifts and this afternoons weather

Swifts and this afternoons weather.
Interesting scenario re Swifts this afternoon in this part of West Yorks, that these birds have been moving WNW into the wind on the front of the calming wind conditions moving obliquely westwards. Run the wind speed (strength) animation, after letting the colours load, for the late afternoon period on:

or hit the link on the left side of the bradford blogger and you will see what I mean. If you wish to see it you need to do this now as the animation rolls and the max period it is available for is only 24 hrs. Wind here has now swung round N altogether as you will see from the animation. It has reduced N F1 / 2 and there are still a very few Swifts in the sky still going north.

Weather and Sky (current):
Wind: N F1. Temp: 6 dp 4. Visibility: very clear. Cloud: Cu sp / cumulonimbus 2000ft - 2500ft. 4ok. Pressure: 1012 steady.


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