Sunday, May 01, 2005

Watchpoint 01-05-2005

Members only watchpoint 01-05-2005
Sunday 1st May 2005
1400 – 1545hr
Weather and Sky:
Another rapidly improving afternoon following a morning with heavy rain before first light, slackening but persisting along with low cloud until almost lunchtime. Wind: S F2 @ 1400hr, becoming SW 3 – 4 by 1530hr. Temp: 15 dp 14 @ 1400, becoming 18 dp 12 by 1545. Visibility: 10km max initially increasing 15km max by 1535. Cloud: low stratus recently dispersed leaving stratocumulus, altocumulus 6ok, with very bright and milky cirrostratus 9ok. Becoming deep cumulus congestus to west and north-west, remaining similar elsewhere. Pressure: falling overnight and all morning but troughing and remaining similar 1005 during afternoon.

As yesterday impossible early morning conditions at watchpoint altitude with low cloud / dense fog and heavy rain commencing before first light and again giving potential for classic fall conditions after the clear night, at lower altitude and in the valley bottoms. Yet another morning not to be out in the hills! However, all much improved by lunchtime with seemingly lots of potential after yesterday afternoon but once at the watchpoint by 1400hr it was very soon quite obvious that nothing much was moving at all with almost empty, silent skies prevailing. The only high point being a single tsweep (Yellow Wagtail?) poorly heard almost as soon as getting out of the car and left uncertain, unverified and uncounted. All of the few Swallows that were on the move were going in reverse, back south!! A very few Lesser black backed Gulls continued on north-west and in scanning the broken walls a total of five Wheatears were located but only a single Willow Warbler was singing.

Moving Birds:
Swallow 12 > S ish
Lesser BB Gull 8 > NW
Black headed Gull 1

Wheatear 5


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