Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Swifts 26-07-2005

Hi Brian
I also have spent 30 mins between 1900hrs and 1930 outside at home specifically looking for Swifts. Only a single bird quite high > NW in all that time! Then again between 2015 and 2045 and faired a little better but still with only four going > SE. We also are getting the Starling flocks - here going just south of east in the evenings, so I assume like you that they are off to roost in that direction. Not in massive numbers here but I have been noting them since June.

HELP! Is there anyone who lives with the Swift colonies who can keep us informed as to when the colonies begin to lessen and are ultimately deserted, there must be someone reading this who has nearby breeding Swifts? It wont be long now, if not already lessening!!

HELP! Very very interested in Swift counts of moving birds and their directions from anyone else. They really are intriguing birds.


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