Saturday, August 13, 2005

Watchpoint 13-08-2005

Members only watchpoint 13-08-2005
Saturday 13th August 2005
1720 - 1920hr
A rapidly improving late afternoon, clearing from the west after a wet morning and early afternoon. Cool and freshening. Wind: W F4. Temp: initially 17 dp 13 and finally 15 dp 9. Visibility: Ingleborough / Drax (both max). Cloud: initially cu humilis to W ~ N ~ E with deep stratocumulus in other directions total 4ok, gradually clearing with heavy cloud making off east 2ok. Pressure: falling for past 13 hrs with 1009 @ 1700hr.

Empty skies in all directions. Swallow activity from locals but at least six House Martins of uncertain status present for some while. House Martin is not regular at this site. Brian Vickers was present between 1600 and 1700hr and he reported Greenshank and Ringed Plover present. Simon Goodwin and Sarah, just leaving on my arrival had seen the Greenshank, and both Greenshank and Ringed Plover (ad) were present for the length of my stay. Between 1600 and 1700hr Brian reported no gulls present, but by the time I left a few as detailed below had arrived. A few Curlew were present, all young birds and two passed on to the north. Yet another possible reason for the recent dearth of birds loafing at the site were two Stoats, seen scampering along the foreshore, crossing the shallow water and on to the near islands, putting all of the birds up immediately. During a short visit a few days ago, one of the Stoats, or a Stoat was seen dragging a moribund but still flapping BH Gull across the foreshore and was eventually seen to drag it into one of the large cavities in the wall.

Moving Birds:
Curlew 2 > N
House Martin 6 status?
Common Sandpiper flying overhead at the first gate.

Greenshank 1
Ringed Plover 1 ad
Black headed Gull 48
Lesser black backed Gull 95
Common Gull 5
Curlew 13

House Martin (c)... Posted by Picasa

House Martin (c).. Posted by Picasa

House Martin (c). Posted by Picasa



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