Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Watchpoint 30-08-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint 30-08-2005 eve.
Tuesday 30th August 2005
1920 - 2045hr (PC, MD, DCB)
Weather and Sky:
An almost calm, tranquil evening, still hot and feeling humid. Wind: ESE variable F1 to calm. Temp: 20 falling 19. Visibility: 40km max. Cloud: mainly cirrus with some stratocumulus and altostratus 5ok, lots of persistent contrailing. Pressure: falling, ridging 1028 @ c0900hr, with 1021 by 1920hr / 1020 by 2045hr.

Again, idealic evening conditions, with yet again the flies but for some reason not so "worrying" tonight. Meadow Pipits again on the move from c1920hr but fewer than last night with only 32 noted passing. At 2000hr a group of six Curlew overflew the reservoir and continued on high to the west. Finally and most interestingly a group of 26 Swallows, at first heard overhead but out to the north-east at 2007hr, continued on high west towards the set of the sun.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipits 32 > W
Swallow 27 > W
Curlew 6 > W

Barnacle or hybrid Barnacle
Common Gull 7
Curlew 4


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