Sunday, September 18, 2005

Glovershaw 18-09-2005

Glovershaw 18-09-2005
Hi Paul
You’ve just got back in time to catch much of the fun!! Not bad for just and hour in the afternoon. You know I’m kicking myself now for stopping in this afternoon as I knew it would be better than this morning was despite the still grey skies. Good afternoons quite often follow poor mornings! Many thanks for making vis one of your priorities today!

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Just returned from the east coast of Canada with tales of Bald Eagles and Chimney Swifts. However, I"ve just had time to visit Glovershaw this afternoon and begin my contribution to the vis. I could only spare an hour but in that time about 25 Swallows went south, and a flock of 25 Mipits left the moor and flew in a SW direction. There were two pairs of Stonechat, one with a juvenile bird flitting about on the ferns, which seems to be their most favoured place. I'll have a closer look this week when I've fully recovered.
Paul King.


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