Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kex Gill 13-09-2005

Mipits and Linnets – Kex Gill.
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From: andy jowett
To: daveb
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:07 PM
There were literally thousands of mipits going through and loafing around at Kex Gill this am.

A few small parties of Redpoll and Siskin went over as did 2 grey and 3 pied wags.

I have several pictures of mipits which I will send when ive downloaded them from camera.

All birds were going west - there was also a swallow west - the fact that there were so many mipits was great but it kept me so busy as I was on my own that I had little time to watch the skies. Normally the tape lure is on continuous but it was never on more than 3 minutes owing to the sheer mass of birds. I had 8 birds in the net within 30 seconds. Obviously you have to restrict the amount of birds caught in relation to the amount of ringers present. A real "autumy" feel which is what its all about. Linnet was a site tick as far as ringing goes - the flock was probably the largest ive ever seen up there.

Very many thanks for your superb pictures of mipits and the Linnet in the hand. I will certainly use and upload on to weblog later on tonight. It helps us none initiated to get a sniff of the wonderful world of ringing at a visible migration watchpoint as well as showing off the fine plumage details difficult to appreciate fully in the field. Any more photos of vis species in the hand (or in the field, or even in the air!!) would be very much appreciated.
Very many thanks

Here below are Andy’s photos:


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