Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kex Gill 17-09-2005

Many thanks for this Andy, Dave.
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Still a good steady mipit passage through Kex Gill, with 68 birds ringed (also a linnet ringed from a flock of 80+), 8+ skylarks went through as did a handful of swallows, Grey Wagtail and Redpoll. 35 Pinkfeet went SE . I have some more mipit pictures if youd like, including ones of different stages of wing moult.
Three pied wags also over kex this am - all together.
Skylark was a good total for here at this time - mid oct has always seemed to be the peak time for numbers.

Also a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew out over the moor - scarce at this site.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers seem interesting here this year as well Andy. We also have had several birds to date coming out, across the moor and away. Also Marks Jays of definate interest today. Did you also have a Jay on the moor last week? We had two WNW on 28th August, so will be scanning hard tomorrow!!

Andy's Meadow Pipit photos will be published as soo as to hand.


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