Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Watchpoint 27-09-2005

Members only watchpoint 27-09-2005.
Tuesday 27th September 2005
0750 - 1105hr (DCB, JS)
Weather and sky:
A rapidly improving morning after some early rain, with clearing skies but rising wind. Cloud cover and some further rain by 1105hr. Wind: SW F4 initially @ 0630hr, SW F5 by 0830hr and finally SW F7 gusting F8 by 1100hr. Temp: 11 @ 0630, remaining similar then rising 13 by 1000hr and finally 15 by 1100hr. Cloud: stratus 8ok initially @ 0630hr, moors obscured by stratus with fractus streaming off them until c0815hr, then after 0815hr cloud rapidly clearing and withdrawing into the east with increasing wind. Then a long period of open sky until cumulus / stratocumulus advancing from west by 1030hr giving 6ok cover with some rain by1100hr (See photo looking SE). Pressure: quick fall yesterday until c midnight then gradual rise for the rest of the night with 1006 by 0630 and 1007hpa by 1100hr.

Not conducive to getting out first thing, with strengthening winds and heavy showers of rain but during the first 40 minutes of the watch most of the birds passed through with 270/341 Meadow Pipits, 40/75 Swallows, all of the House Martins and Jays being noted in this period. Whilst no problems in the increasing winds with the mechanics of watching due to shelter provided by the wall the birds were not keen with only the few Swallows and albas being occasionally prominent in the higher skies. All had difficulty in negotiating the wind blast above the wave wall. Pipits were generally after the initial rush all low and later struggling against the side winds. As yesterday the shorescape was bare and there appeared to be very few birds in the general area or in the skies after the first rush had gone through. The Golden Plovers were in a single skein, going high south at the initial cloud /clear interface.

Moving Birds:
Kestrel 1
Swallow 75 > S
Jay 9 (8 > S and 1 > N)
Golden Plover 24 > S
House Martin 29 > S
Lapwing 45 > S / W
Meadow Pipit 341 > S
Black-headed Gull 156
Starling 10 > S
Common Gull 5 > S
Goldfinch 10 > SW
Lesser Black-backed Gull 75 > S
Blackbird 2 > S
Siskin 2 > SW
Sky Lark 1 > W
Mistle Thrush 19 > W
Kestrel 1
Stonechat 1
Wheatear 1
Carrion Crow 10
Jackdaw 3

Total: 819 individuals, 20 species, 3:15 hours



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