Saturday, October 01, 2005

Watchpoint 01-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 01-10-2005
Saturday 1st October 2005
0700 – 1115hr (DCB, JS, HC)
Weather and Sky:
Initially a very poor morning with very frequent rain squalls with some longer periods together with strengthening winds but improving from mid am onwards with more open skies. Wind: initially WSW F4/5 @ 0555hr., becoming WSW F 3 by 0700hr, then W F5/6 by 1115hr. Temp: 9 @ 0555hr, remaining similar until at least 0830, then 11 by 1030hr and finally 12 @ 1115hr. Precipitation: rain lashing on the windows at 0555hr, by 0700hr very heavy rain squalls, remaining similar until mid am, then becoming less. Visibility: outside squalls: Settle NNW, Ferrybridge E. Cloud: heavy cumulus, stratocumulus, with some altostratus and lots of interesting cirrus. Pressure: steady over night with 1008 at 0555hr, rising 1009 by 1115hr.

Again the watch saved by the ability to shelter behind the wall, below the overarching wind and squalling rain. Despite the weather a lively morning suggesting much potential for migration of the species involved with improved conditions. Most notable was the influx and passage of Common Gulls, mainly south and south-west, together with the continuing movement of Meadow Pipits. Yes exactly the same here Bryan, despite the strong surface winds most of the pipits that we could see were well up and doing very well in sizeable groupy trains, direct south and cutting into the wind. The few surface birds we had, were mainly struggling, flying sideways with difficulty and rocketing in the wind blast above the wave wall. Rate of pipit passage, other than the initial rush was greatest and increasing towards the end of the watch, when conditions were improving with rate increasing to 304 per hour between 1045 and 1115hr. All of us wanted to stay longer but none had the time!

Moving Birds:
Goosander 3 > S
Kestrel 2
Golden Plover 4 > S
Lapwing 16 > S
Snipe 1 > NW
Black-headed Gull 45 > S / W
Common Gull 38 > S
Lesser Black-backed Gull 35 > SW / S
Herring Gull 2 > S / SW
Woodpigeon 2 > SE
Swallow 13 > S
Meadow Pipit 687 > S
alba Wagtail 5 > S
Carrion Crow 23
Starling 17 > S
Chaffinch 19 > W / SW
Greenfinch 9 > W
Goldfinch 3 > SE / S / SW
Siskin 41 > E
Linnet 3 > W
Reed Bunting 2 > W

Greater Canada Goose 55
Mallard 8
Jackdaw 12
Carrion Crow 23
Raven 1
Stonechat 2
Jackdaw 12

Total: 1083 individuals, 26 species, 4:15 hours

Meadow Pipit rates:
Before 0800hr 61
0800 – 0900hr 224
0900 – 1000hr 140
1000 – 1100hr 186
1100 – 1115hr 76 = rate of 304 per hr (1045 – 1115hr)
Total : 687

If you diddnt recognise them, its Howard and John with sticks!!


Blogger BSumner said...

Is that a photo of HC or the
Grim Reaper

October 01, 2005 7:05 pm  
Blogger Mark D said...

I think it may be the very grim reaper

October 01, 2005 7:20 pm  

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