Saturday, October 08, 2005

Watchpoint 08-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 08-10-2005
Saturday 8th October 2005
0745 - 1000hr (DCB, JS, HC)
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating morning with, apart from first thing full cloud cover and misting rain setting in. Wind: S S3 initially increasing S F5, gusting more over water and then SSW F4. Temp: 11 up until 0930hr when increased to 12, shivering cold with the wind chill – a taste of things to come! Precipitation: drizzle around 0630hr, then fine until c0930hr when misting rain returned. Visibility: 5500m max decreasing to 3000m min. Pressure: steady fall over last 24hr with 1010hpa at 0600hr and 1011hpa by 1000hr.

A very poor morning, with very few moving birds seen. Most notable for the strong (but only in proportion to everything else) move of alba wagtails, some of which looked exceptionally pale as they flew past (DCB, HC, JS) and the first returning Dunnocks. No thrushes were seen or heard at all and despite the conditions the Meadow Pipit rush seemed all but exhausted. Packed up early!!

Greater Canada Goose 40
Mallard 7 > SW
Goosander 3 > SW
Lapwing 1
Curlew 3
Black-headed Gull 10 > S
Common Gull 6 > S
Lesser Black-backed Gull 24 > W
Herring Gull 1 > SW
Woodpigeon 1 > E
Swallow 1 > S
Meadow Pipit 51 > mainly S
alba Wagtail 20 > S / SE / SW
Wren 2
Dunnock 3 (first returns)
Great Tit 1
Jackdaw 3
Carrion Crow 24
Chaffinch 37 various
Greenfinch 2 > W
Goldfinch 40 > S / SE / SW
Siskin 8 > SW
Linnet 9 > SW

Total: 297 individuals, 23 species, 2:15 hours, three observers.



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