Friday, October 14, 2005

Watchpoint 14-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 14-10-2005
Friday 14th October 2005 (JS)

News from John at the watchpoint this morning 0830 - 1100hr

Frequent thrush parties (first real movement here), most going NW and W. Most seen movement occurred around c0900hr and after 1000hr. Main sp as follows:

Redwing (mainly) / M. Thrush 610 > NW and W
Finch sp 340 > SE
Goldfinch 30+ >SE
Blackbird 44 > SE
Alba Wags 12 > S / SE
Sp Hawk 1
Pinkfeet 40
Robins, lots about
Lapwing 78
Starling 21
Golden Plover 16
Mipit 54

+ more............

Today has seen the first big thrush arrivals in our part of the north. Large numbers of Redwings arriving yesterday / overnight have been recorded at various watchpoints where visible migration is counted in the North. From almost nothing yesterday, there have been several counts of over a thousand this morning with one of more than 2500…. Wow!!



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