Monday, October 17, 2005

Watchpoint 17-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 17-10-2005
Monday 17th October 2005
0730 - 0930hr (DCB)
Weather and Sky:
A gradually improving morning but with variable fog banks persisting, however good periods of vertical visibility to open sky saved the day. Wind: SE F3. Temp: 11. Visibility: 100m – 1000m. Cloud: fog stratus mostly 8ok, altocumulus 3ok. Pressure: steady 1022hpa.

Another very poor morning but with continuing thrush movements between east / south / west. Redwings mostly moving above the fogs. More Fieldfare than yesterday, both seen and heard. Only a few thrushes seen and counted in relation to those heard. Also some good waves of Meadow Pipits, mainly to the west and in between the fog banks suggesting still more to come!

Redwing 291 various
Fieldfare 61 various
Meadow Pipit 107 > W and SW
Chaffinch 10
Siskin 3
Greenfinch 21
Goldfinch 5
505 individuals, 8 species, 2hours counted.



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