Sunday, October 23, 2005

Watchpoint 23-10-2005

Members only watchpoint 23-10-2005
Sunday 23rd October 2005
0750 – 0940hr (DCB, JS)
Weather and Sky:
A bad but still deteriorating morning with moderate rain, little visibility and almost flat calm. Wind: calm to light and variable / E F1. Temp: 6 @ 0730hr to 7 by 1000hr. Precipitation: light to moderate rain throughout. Visibility: 100m to 400m best. Cloud: Fog, with cloudbase at c900ft asl. Pressure: rising strongly overnight and throughout the morning with 1008hpa by 0730 and 1010 by 1000hr.

A terrible morning of rain, fog and flat calm. Watch this morning from the third gate in the shelter of the few trees. Two Robins, Goldcrests and a Wren seen, with the only moving birds being a couple of Pied Wagtails, south-west at 0920hr.

Pied Wagtail 2 > SW



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