Saturday, February 18, 2006

Watchpoint 18-02-2006 eve

Members only watchpoint 18-02-2006 eve
1600 – 1800hr
Weather and Sky:
An almost calm day / afternoon with open sky and frost lying in shade throughout. Wind: calm to E F1. Temperature: 1.5degC and falling at 1745hr. Visibility: Ingleborough / Ferrybridge but very hazy. Cloud: cirrostratus 5ok. Pressure: 994hpa and rising.

In difference to yesterday a moderate gull roost, with c1200 small gulls reducing to c900 remaining to roost. The ones that left departed ENE, again into the darkening skies. A single Lesser black backed Gull was again present. Goldeneye were stable at five. Also, first returns, a couple of Curlew came in to roost, an Oystercatcher was calling from the in-bye and calls from a Ringed Plover were heard as the bird circled the water as darkness closed in, just before six.

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