Monday, June 12, 2006

Swifts South at Spurn 11-06-2006

Swifts South at Spurn
Have just seen on the Spurn web Latest Sightings for 11-06-2006 (yesterday):

that it wasent just us here that had masses of Swifts going south yesterday (2100 > S at watchpoint) but Spurn as well!!

More than 4100 Swifts went over Spurn south yesterday, just as ours, nearly all first summer birds.

Anyone else, anywhere, get Swifts on the move yesterday, or today / next few days as it would be interesting to determine directions as well as flow and how widespread this move was - thus confirm / discuss whether a weather related mass action or otherwise

Also to do the same for other Swift moves as the summer progresses??



Blogger Jono said...

I raised the swift movement on our local birding site ( as I had 49 on Tuesday night in half an hour and another 30 on Wednesday night (7.30ish) Last night, calmer conditions and just a few. None were screaming, all just battering into force 3 - 4 southerly.
More details, go to website and register for the yahoo site found at bottom of home page.
Jono Forgham

June 23, 2006 7:38 am  

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