Saturday, August 26, 2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 26-08-2006

Hi David
The best birding time is just around the corner thankfully !! so a watch today .

Caldene Fields Watchpoint
26th of August 06 Watch from 07.45 – 08.50

Weather : A dry overcast morning with moderate visibility. Temperature 14c with no wind
Comments : Watch started really well with a grounded Common Sandpiper at the pond which left in a southerly direction. Then only real passage of note was a trickle off Swallows, although 3 Redpoll was off interest.

Black-headed Gull 5>E
Swallow 11>W 2 >S/W
Greenfinch 1>N
Goldfinch 2>W
Redpoll>3 W

All the best
Martyn Priestley


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