Sunday, October 29, 2006

Massive Movement of Wood Pigeon 29-10-2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint
29th of October 06 watch 06.30 – 09.00
Weather: Dry with 20% thin cloud giving long sunny periods from dawn. Excellent visibility to beyond 3 miles with a temperature of 9c. An F4 N/W wind decreasing to F2 around 08.00.

Comments: A brilliant morning!! With vast numbers of Wood Pigeon moving through the site as well as to the east of Caldene Fields. What was Interesting about the watch was the first 1 hour, birds poured through when the wind was F4 and then the pace really slowed down as the wind decreased. Whilst a good number of Redwing passed through I have still to record a single Fieldfare. A record count of Greenfinch was achieved this morning.

Cormorant > 1N/W
Pink Footed Goose > 300+ E
Black Headed Gull > 352 S/S/W
Stock dove >1 S/W
Wood Pigeon > 2,480+ S/S/W
Skylark > 2S
Meadow Pipit > 3S
Alba Wagtail > 9S/E
Redwing > 592 S/W
Starling > 83 N/W
Carrion Crow >9 S/W + 4 E
Chaffinch > 2N/W – 5S/W
Greenfinch > 5S + 81 N/W
Goldfinch > 8N/W + 5S
Redpoll > 3S

Martyn Priestley


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