Sunday, August 05, 2007

Norr Hill 05-08-2007

0830 - 1030hr
SW F3, 45km, 20degC, 1ok, Dry.
Wall to wall blue sky with only a small amount of cirrostratus initially. Things seemed to take a little time to get going with not much happening before 0930 when groups of Swallows and just a few single Swifts started to appear. Most of the hill has been mown and gathered in since last visit and unfriendly beasts now at large curtailed the watch and may influence the future of this seasons watching from this site. Fewer Swallows than expected and no Swifts feeding in the updraught. Skies Quiet.
Swallow 43 > SW and S
Swift 7 > SW
Woodpigeon 4 > SW
Carrion Crow 6 > S
Rook 1 > S
Meadow Pipit 1 > SW
Linnet 6 > SW
Starling 56 > various
gulls > NW
PS Saturday 4th August despite constantly checking the skies right up to dusk was a totally Swiftless day at Wilsden.


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