Sunday, August 12, 2007

Norr Hill 12-08-2007pm

1730 - 1945hr
W F3, 2ok, 60km, warm in brilliant sun, dry.
A brilliant fresh late afternoon with rain and overcast long gone. Spurred on by this mornings warblers and Redstart a further visit taking in Salter Royd overflow seemed the thing to do. All the original Willow Warblers and Redstart had gone. The overflow (there will be a photograph on my blog) was well worthwhile with a further two Redstarts flitting about, a Tree Pipit flushed from the pool and yet more Willow Warblers. Odd Swallows were seen going west throughout and back on the Hill from the watchpoint a single and then two Swifts passed high west at about 1900hr
Swift 3 > W
Swallow 10 > W
Redstart 2
Tree Pipit 1
Willow Warbler 5


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