Sunday, August 19, 2007

Norr Hill 19-08-2007

0800 - 1000hr
NW F1 rising 2, 12degC, soft drizzle becomming moderate rain, low fog stratus increasing 2km with moderate rain, becomming very wet!
Got absolutely saturated this morning but well worth while!
A totally different day with different birds to last week up the Hill. Gangs and flocks of grounded Meadow Pipits were everywhere - on the walls, in the uncut grass and even in the scrub with much sallying about. An obvious earlier move interupted by the at times dense fog stratus. All had gone by 0915 with some seen moving off to the west during a brief clear, dry interlude prior to the onset of the moderate rain. Also new this week were a loose group of c17 Skylarks on the north western edge of the downfall, these flushed off in bits as I walked the Hill. A good number of Swallows were about even in the fog but these were not seen to be moving, just feeding low over the ground. Again these disappeared before the moderate rain began. A good morning with promissing signs for vis watching on the Hill but I think it will be Oxenhope next Sunday!
Meadow Pipits everywhere at least 150 grounded.
Skylark c17
Swallow 15 to 25


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