Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oxenhope Watchpoint 16-09-2007

After Sunrise (c) 2007

Static Wall of Cloud to the West (c) 2007

0700 - 0945hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber)
SW F7, 10degC rising 15, 1 - 20km haze,4/8, Dry.

A blustery morning stripping the leaves off the trees!! But behind the wall quite ok to watch but definately not for the birds to fly with very few on the move at this site and elevation. Low scud from the static cloud bank to the west was powering off the hills contributing to the haze. In addition the light was very bad with much glare from the back lit haze. Attempts to get on to Marks Marsh Harrier (seen from Denholme Clough and comming our way) were in just such a period when visibility was down to less than 2000m. Mipits were trying very hard to go south but in most cases the wind blast over the wave wall was just too much with most abandoning after several attempts and sneaking off low below the embankment. The best birds for us were Sand Martins including a group of c20 picked up flying low over the wave wall seemingly un affected by the winds and away over the water. In addition several singles were seen flashing buff and white in the brilliant sun. Swallows were also quite successfull in negociating the winds with several groups powering on high south and south east.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 55 > S
Swallow 32 > S and SE
Sand Martin 23 > S
Starling 3 > S
LBB Gull 30+ > S
Snipe 1 > S
Greenfinch 1 > W
alba wag 3 > S and W
Mistle Thrush 12 > W


Improving Haze (c) 2007


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