Friday, October 05, 2007

Oxenhope Watchpoint 05-10-2007

Pre Sunrise Mist in Airedale (c) 2007

Sunrise Today (c) 2007

0700 - 0930hr (Dave Barker)
Calm increasing SE F2, 3.3degC increasing 15, 60km+, 0/8, Dry, QNH 1026 rising.

A fantastic morning weatherwise with mist lying in all of the valleys and over all of the planes. Brilliant sunshine from the word go with almost calm winds. Lots seen moving in the upper sky but most too high to id, no big thrush groups seen today. Frequent Redwing calls overhead at 0620 hr (still almost dark at home) whilst stacking the car and c100 in the little wood at the watchpoint upon arrival at 0650hr suggested that this species had been on the move overnight? Nine Fieldfare past the watchpoint with Redwings just after sunrise also suggestive? Mipit numbers again low and suggestive again of a falling trend, although some were flying very very high and many could have been missed. A Jackdaw group of 26 overflying and leaving very very high to the west was interesting. Apart from the post sunrise rush of varying species, there was very little surface movement today. Much was identified on call overhead and subsiquently seen as it passed over, especially the Skylarks and finches but many of the Skylarks seen were just too high to be heard!!! A Rock Pipit > NW and a Grey Plover > SE both picked up on call were the best birds of the day.

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 73 > S
Rock Pipit 1 > NW
Brambling 11 > W
Greenfinch 16 > W
Linnet 2 > S
Chaffinch 22 > S
Redwing 175 > W
Fieldfare 9 > W
Grey Plover 1 > SE
Redpoll 42 > S
alba wagtail 21 > S
Siskin heard
Skylark 28 > W
Golden Plover 2 > SW
Mistle thrush 4 > W
Woodpigeon 15 > E
Jackdaw 26 > W
Reed bunting 3 > W


Cloudless Skies and no wind at the Watchpoint (c) 2007

Wall to Wall Open Skies......looking NW (c) 2007


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