Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oxenhope Watchpoint 11-05-2008

Altocumulus Stratiformis (c) 2008

Common Sandpiper displaying overhead (c) 2008

0745 - 1100hr
NE F1, 15degC and rising to 22, vis 6km deep haze, 5/8, QNH 1021 rising.

The best bird went over low going NE at 0750hrs, a ringtail harrier, even before I had reached the watchpoint. Otherwise the only moving birds were Yellow Wagtails (2 > NW) and Swifts (34 > NE). All of the resident birds were very vocal, active and very much in evidence. A Whinchat was singing at the lagoons but last weeks Grasshopper Warbler was nowhere to be heard!!

Moving birds:
ringtail 1 > NE
Yellow Wagtail 2 > NW
Swift 34 > NE


LOST......... (c) 2008


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