Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wilsden... Swifts going WEST 08-06-2008

Met Office Chart 2008-06-09 @ 0000hrs

Wind and Pressure Chart... 2hr later than the event I know but better than nothing!

Swift > W (c) 2008

1800 - 2000hr
W F3, 20degC, vis clear, 1/8, QNH 1024 rising

Many Swifts moving west at all ranges and all levels. This is the first day this June that Swift movement has been noted here. I say this with confidence as the skies have been watched intensively on previous evenings whilst photographing Sand and House Martins. Swifts may well have been moving earlier in the afternoon as well as the odd bird was seen going west whilst working in the garden. A few snaps are attached to this mail see:

Unlike the ones photogaphed this morning over one of our local breeding colonies these are or appear to be on the move.... Feeding movements.... weather movements... first summer birds.... or what ever the case this evening has been truly inspirational and hopefully a tast of things to come.

Swift 1124 > W
Starling 207 > E (assumed to roost)
LBB Gull 6 > NW


Swift > W (c) 2008

Swift > W (c) 2008

Swift > (c) 2008


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