Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oxenhope 07-09-2008 Afternoon

Rapidly Developing Cumulus..... after lunch, looking east (c) 2008

Ultimate Thunderstorm.... looking north west (c) 2008

1330 - 1645hr less the periods in shelter.
N F2 initially then dropping calm before S F1, 17degC, 65km, 6/8 stratocumulus developoing cumulonimbus, QNH 1005 rising.

A dramatic afternoon with horrendous thunderstorm c1520hr then ideallic calm warm sunshine until the next storm arrived! Birdwise noticable mipit movement still going on at the watchpoint with a total of 23 south. Up on / over the moor and the moss a huge congregation of 2/300 mipits were present and kept going up en mass upon disturbance by hunting Kestrels. Despite this it was obvious they diddnt want to move as they kept settling back on the moor. These birds were most likely the product of this mornings well defined movement. Several smaller groups of mipits were on occasion seen tracking across the moor top south east from the Nab End area. At 1510hrs a large raptor was picked up high over towards the church......scopeing defined it as an Osprey! This motored through obliquely over Causeway Foot col and disappeared into Calderdale. The bird was moving in well in front of one of the the storms which was tracking from the north west and shortly to break. Several rapid decents from the watchpoint allowed shelter behind a wall during the worst of the rain but nevertheless a good soaking was in order for the second time today!! After the rain had passed ideallic conditions with almost calm and very hot steamy sunshine during this period. Kestrels were up everywhere, a Merlin shot east over the water, a Peregrine was soaring high south and two Sparrowhawks were high over the Worth basin. A single Wheatear was in the sand pits. Again Green Veined Whites and Peacocks were moving west over the moor on the light southerly air as was a single Red Admiral. Definately worth sitting it out for what was to follow on behind. Noteable that there was not a hirundine in the sky this afternoon!!

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 23 > S
Osprey 1 > SSW
Peregrine 1 > S
Merlin 1 > E
Wheatear 1

2/300 mipits blogging on the high moor / moss.


Towering Cumulus.... (c) 2008

Green Veined Whites > west across the moor (c) 2008


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