Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oxenhope 23-09-2008

Dawn.... looking North (c) 2008

Mid Morning..... looking East (c) 2008

Canadas > West (c) 2008

0725 - 1000hr DB
NE F4, 8.8degC rising 10.7, 60km max to the NW, 8/8 stratus improving 6/6, QNH 1028 rising.

Wall to wall deep stratus initially this morning with base at c1400ft. Clear edges to W, N and E all gradually moving south. Generally speaking except for Siskin and Goldfinch a very poor morning for the vis...... but the cold north wind was really driving the Siskins with many small groups and several large ones (max party 53) bouncing high south. Possibly catching up here in the east flank Pennines with the current east coast wave. Mipits were poor with max party 17. At 0935hr a skein of eleven grey geese were located way up high above Keighley Moor going fast south east. Otherwise very little!

Moving birds in order of appearance.

Meadow Pipit 86 > S
Chaffinch 10 > S
Raven 1
Siskin 192 > S
Grey Goose (most likely Pinkfeet) 11 > SE
Canada Goose 21 > W
Goldfinch 93 > S
Redpoll 16 > S
LBB Gull 14 > S
BH Gull 36 > S
Swallow 3 > S


Rivock Mast, Plantation, Addingham High Moor and Barden Fell (c) 2008

Back Edge of the Stratus 1000hr (c) 2008


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