Friday, October 24, 2008

Oxenhope 24-10-2008

Dawn this morning (c) 2008

Sunrise today (c) 2008

Cirrus fibratus..... looking west (c) 2008

One of those interesting mornings!...... (c) 2008

The sky looking NW.... (c) 2008

Oxenhope, Bradford, W Yorkshire.
0750 - 1045hr DB/HC
W F3 rising W F5, 5.4degC rising 8, 22km, 5/8 reducing 2/8, QNH 1015 rising 1018.

A morning that felt right and produced a good diversity of birds albeit in smaller numbers than hoped for. Initially it seemed as if Woodpigeons were going to dominate wit several parties coming high SE over from Lancashire, but after an initial flurry no more were seen after 0830hr although BS did ring to say they were pouring through Queensbury a little further east. Starlings dominated the morning with 31 squadrons (largest 25) all going NW, mostly low only inches from the ground totalling 427. Unlike last Sunday and yesterday when the movement diddent start until later in the morning, today the species was on the move throughout the watch. Other movers of specific interest were a couple of well spaced male Goosanders both going high south, the first males we have noted in the area this autumn. The crossover for Meadow Pipits is here with all birds today (more than expected) going west. Reed Buntings were today quite strong. And finally most interestingly during the mid morning period I had in the binoculars what I considered to be a distant Swallow way out to the east going south but sady I lost it in the change over from bins to scope....... Message from BS to say that NK had had a Swallow over Soil Hill some 3km to our SE!!

Moving birds in iorder of appearance:

Cormorant 2 > W and SW
Meadow Pipit 45 > W
Peregrine 1 > W
Wood Pigeon 65 > S and SE
Starling 427 > NW
Chaffinch 3 > S
Greenfinch 35 > S and W
Reed Bunting 11 > W
Goosander 2 > S
alba wagtatil 2 > S
Jackdaw 18 > SE and S
CoalTit 1 > SW
Skylark 2 > SW
Fieldfare 60 > W
Redwing 5 > W
Goldfinch 9 > S
LBBGull 1 > S
Swallow 1 > S


Fieldfares going west.... (c) 2008

Squadrons of Starling all fast and mostly low NW.... (c) 2008

Cormorant going SW.... (c) 2008

More Starling Squadrons..... (c) 2008

More Starling Squadrons...... (c) 2008


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