Saturday, October 18, 2008

Redwings!!!....Paul Clough 18-10-2008

Arrived at the top of Paul Clough 0730, Two groups of thrushes came up, about 70 then nothing, but I could see flocks passing through low over Leeming Res. At 0810hr I moved down near the bottom of Hill House Edge Lane, where I could see flocks passing low over the village and some directly over my head all very low into the wind tracking west, groups of forty to sixty with larger groups of 100+, containing both Fieldfare and Redwing with a ratio of about 70% to 3o%.

Abandoned the watch at 1015hr with a count of approx 2400 mixed thrushes passing through.

I will try and get out tomorrow morning after which I will be giving up early morning watches for this year , (its an age thing you know ) will be in touch.

Brian Vickers.


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