Sunday, August 02, 2009

Oxenhope.... contrail vis! 02-08-2009

It really is surprising what moves in the upper skies unseen. This morning in c30 minutes when the cloud was on the way out many high jet liners cruised high west, west north west and north north west, all displaying beautiful individual tail patterns and livery. Contrail photography was irresistible! Nothing unusual but non the less interesting. We are fortunate here that we are on a meeting of the ways... thus when the skies are "open" there is always lots to see and all going over Oxenhope!

Here are some snaps.....

Virgin Atlantic NNW (c) 2009

Austrian Airlines NNW (c) 2009

Delta Airlines (USA) NNW (c) 2009

I'm still working on this one NNW (c) 2009

Here is an additional albeit very poor shot of the above unidentified aircraft approaching which nicely confirms it as one of theTurkish Airlines fleet! (c) 2009

Lufthansa NNW (c) 2009




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