Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caldene Fields, Low Moor... 21/20-10-2009

Morning all, 21-10-2009

No records today from Caldene Fields due to thick fog give visibility to only 1/2 mile so turn over in bed and sulked !! later checked local birds around Caldene Fields and no real increase in local birds so as yesterday possibly not much movement here anyway ( well that makes me feel a bit better ! )

Having said that at 00.30 on 19/10 I did hear a couple of Redwing calls over Low moor but earlier in the evening there were no calls in Bradford City centre or Lidget Green.

Hope others have able to get out and get their daily fix!!



Caldene Fields, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Tuesday 20 October 2009
Counting period: 7:30-9:15
Weather: A dry cold start, temperature 3c with a F2 /3 S/E wind and 70% low cloud mainly to the S/S/W. giving fairly dull viewing conditions. Overall visibility was around 7 miles. Around 08.00 low cloud increased to about 90% with clearer skies to the E.
Observers: Martyn Priestley

Moving birds:
Black-headed Gull 97 -
Redwing 38 6
Stock Dove - 2
Jackdaw 6 -
Woodpigeon 58 -
Carrion Crow 5 4
Meadow Pipit 3 -
Starling 121 -
alba wagtail sp. 5 + 4
Chaffinch 9 -
Blackbird - 2
Greenfinch 38 -
Fieldfare 1 -

Totals: 399 individuals, 13 species, 1:45 hours

Comments: The relative poor conditions could not be blamed for a quite watch here today with little passage noted. Greenfinch the few that did moved in general were fairly high up and a few Woodies hugged the ground as there battled against the cross wind.

Martyn Priestley


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