Friday, October 09, 2009

Pennine Night Skies Alive! 09-10-2009

2045 -2145hr. ESE F3, low cloud and drizzle, recent rain now ceased.
There must have been a continuing arrival of Redwings today or at least an onward movement as overhead here in the foothills the skies are currently alive with the seeeping calls of migrating Redwings. Classic conditions to bring them lower with low diffuse ceiling of presumed fog stratus with light none wetting drizzle. As soon as I got out of the door they were there... sometimes with calls heard in short succession and suggesting some larger diffuse flocks. 23 contacts in one hour not too bad! There is a low col in the hills near where I live with very bright lights on the west side most probably visible through the col to the approaching birds, below the cloudbase and assumed to be coming from the east.... just walked back and forth along the same stretch of road for most of the time as have found in the past that this is where the local overhead action is most prominent!



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