Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timble Ings... awash with birds! 13-10-2009

Today was awash with birds at Timble - literally thousands of redwings coming in at tree top level (ringed 50).

Xbills, redpolls and siskins are everywhere up there, jays seem to have influxed and yesterday it was like a coastal fall of goldcrest. Why cant it always be like this?

Someone on vismig group mentioned "plague proportions" - couldnt have summed it up better. Up there again tomorrow. A swedish ring would be nice.

There was also a lap bunt, 2 brambling and a few hundred fieldfare.


A telephone call also from Simon and Sarah Goodwin also sampling the joys of vis at Timble. Simon says that between 1000 and 1030am (when we know the vis was beginning to slacken) that he counted c1000 redwings W and NW through in that half hour period! By the period 1130 to 1215 however only 330 were counted over Lippersley Pike so the migration here was coming to and end!



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