Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Queensbury... they came in thousands! 10-11-2009

They came in their 1000s.
10/11/2009 Queensbury.

A beautiful red ball sunrise should have alerted me but the consistent rain made me think otherwise. The walk to work was uneventful and I dismissed any movement until the call from DCB at Oxenhope to say he and HC were getting Fieldfares over in their thousands. Just as I was about to say all was quiet over Qby I looked up to see the sky full of moving birds,hope your ear is ok Dave after the shout down the phone.
Massive flocks were moving over all >S and >SW, the largest being 300 +.
1 flock had an undulating bird in the midst of them which turned out to be a Green Woodpecker, a first for Qby M.O.T.

By 1000hrs all was quiet until a dog walk in Foxhill Park at lunchtime saw another 2 flocks over.

Around 1500hrs 3 flocks came over >E, these birds were either skirting the now approaching fog or they were birds going to roost.

Casual observations only :-

930 Fieldfare Qby MOT a.m. >S & >SW
210 Fieldfare Foxhill , mid day >S
98 Fieldfare Qby MOT, p.m. >E
TOTAL... 1238 Fieldfare.

1 Green Woodpecker >S probably a local bird caught up in the excitment ?
42 Woodpigeons >S

Thanks for call from the Oxenhope team.
Brian Sumner.

Glad you have recovered Brian.... we thought you were about to have a heart attack when you got onto them!!

Dave and Howard


Anonymous Howard Creber said...

No problem Brian - glad you had a jaw dropping day. Role reversal for once, Mr "Indicator Man". Dave and I also witnessed an undulating entity in with the hordes and after scoping realised it was you -so excited, you had to join em eh!!!.Good job Soil Hill mast got in your way,otherwise Linda would have had to put out an ABP.

November 10, 2009 8:30 pm  

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