Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oxenhope... 995 below! 26-05-2010

Crepuscular Rays... (c) 2010

Impending Rain... (c) 2010

The Promised Land!... (c) 2010

Night Draws in... (c) 2010

Variable F1, 10degC, 30km, 8/8 cunim, rain visible, QNH 1010 falling
1900 - 2105hr
Little in the sky tonight and with the exception of a few lessers and a couple of tufted, no obvious passage birds on the deck. The angry skies made up for it however with a storm tracking east down Airedale, which missed us out completely.
Moving Birds:
LBB Gull 4 > NW
Tufted Duck 2
Cuckoo 1


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