Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oxenhope... curlews coalesce! 24-06-2010

Curlews pre sunset!.... (c) 2010
WNW F4 reducing F1, 20degC, 65km, 2/8, 1019 falling then rising
A wonderful evening with Curlews on the move throughout all between west and northwest... some dropping in to the shore but some just tracking straight through... the atmosphere was thoroughly esturine so long as you closed your eyes! At last light c 26 exceedingly noisy recently arriving birds were counted congregating on one of the points... all were adults... it will be interesting to see if these are around tomorrow!.... the excitement builds.... This together with the 31 moving through earlier in the evening made for a grand total of 66!!
Almost unbelievably as I type at 2300hr with the kitchen door open... Curlews... quite a large flock.. are calling from high in the almost totally calm, now dark sky seemingly going west. All in all a magical evening!!
Moving birds:
LBB Gull 118 > NW
BH Gull 48 > NW
Curlew 66 > W and NW
Lapwing 4 > W
Swift 54 > NW


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