Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oxenhope... wicked wind! 20-02-2011

SE F4 rising F5, 2degC, 2000m fog clearing, 8/8, QNH 1014 steady
1530-1730hr DCB, BS, CJK

Saturdays 12 hours of snow now almost gone even at this altitude but visibility still very poor with a bitter damping wind. Thank goodness for the shelter! The gull roost, not in evidence last Sunday, although we possibly didnt hang around long enough in the pouring rain was back in avengence tonight with in excess of 3000 small gulls (incl c 800 Commons) arriving in constant big swarms from the east and north. Just six lessers were amongst them. Goosanders were well down but still coming in from the valleys.... we didnt stay long enough for the full count being chilled through to the bone. Everything was taking advantage of shelter provided by the wave wall from the bitter SE blow....

Small gulls incl c 800 Commons... c3000
LBB Gull 6
Goosander 15 increasing
Goldeneye 3
T Duck 1
Nothing else counted



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