Saturday, September 03, 2011

Oxenhope.... moderate 2011-09-03

Pre Sunrise this morning.... looking ENE (c) 2011
 Open / Overcast Interface..... (c) 2011
 Improving Skies, with haze disolving!.... (c) 2011
 Osprey..... thermalling through, cWSW (c) 2011
Buzzard.... SSE (c) 2011

0555-1100hr Oxenhope W Yorks
SW F1 increasing F5, 6 rising 14degC, 4ok, 60km increasing, QNH1006 falling.

Vis all between S and W

Mip 514 in 48 parties + 36 = 550

Lbbg 50

Common gull 22

Bh gull 58

Linnet 22

Swallow 964 in 26 main parties + 106 = 1070

Cormorant 5

Raven 1

Reed Bunt 1

Alba alba 3.... No pied

Tree Pipit 2

Spawk 2

Osprey 1

Buzzard 1

Front advancing longitudinally NE very slowly from west... Some rain over high pennines and E lancs but essentially dry and condusive here throughout. Wind picking up from virtually nothing to F5 before reducing again. Nearly all mips in first hour with 130 best party, a good move for the time of year. Swallows from 0700 with best party 260 and all bigger parties high to very high. Albas were interesting with no pied movement at all yet, just as expected, with all seen confirmed alba alba.... The wave has reached us! The first two came zilliping in, initially thought to be Greys on call but immediately reassessed when seen properly on deck. A by chance Osprey from the bottom gates induced an extra 40 min stay, a Buzzard and a few more mips and Swallows resultant..... Weather interface overhead throughout with more open skies out into the east giving good periods of bright sun..... Dark and rainbowed skies over the high Pennines and into Lancs.



Anonymous Howard Creber said...

Good start Dave. Will join you soon once schools are back.

September 03, 2011 8:28 pm  
Blogger Dave Barker said...

Cheers Howard will be good to get the team going once again!.... and yes a fine morning to be out with respectable counts... complete with exotics!!

September 05, 2011 9:09 pm  

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