Friday, March 25, 2005

MARCH 2005 – Comments, Reports and Points of Interest

MARCH 2005 – Comments, Reports and Points of Interest.

As an experiment and as a means of access to these VISIBLE MIGRATION pages for persons wishing to contribute in any way to our VISIBLE MIGRATION knowledge. I intend to set up a MONTHLY OPEN POST, just like this, to which those interested in contributing can as "comments" post and add their visible migration sightings, reports, questions, comments, arrivals, populations and congregations of vis species (whether moving or not), background information and the like. In fact anything likely to be of interest to the vis watcher can be included. As Theo says, the opportunity to improve communication locally (or even wider) on this subject is exciting and just too good to miss! These pages are primarily relative to the Bradford Ornithological Group (and surrounding) area but as Visible Migration is Nation wide and beyond, any other background from elsewhere is of great interest to us here in our own small world of Bradford.

You can still send longer items or reports and the like to me, via any of the reporting systems already in place and if you ask, these will be passed on to me for uploading but for anything important or movements of vis species currently happening (especially if they are coming our way), please use this system, or telephone communication to give earliest warning possible.

Your posted "comment" will be seen immediately as a posted comment, tagged to this monthly mail, by anyone wishing to look and is a very easy way to appraise us all immediately (that is the most important thing – "immediately") of your visible migration sightings or anything in that line. I will then upload the postings to the full site as soon as I am able.

Any ideas as to how we can improve or add to this system of communication will be very welcome. It will be interesting to see how much interest there really is in our local VISIBLE MIGRATION now we have a means of pulling all the local stuff together, whilst it is happening.

Please remember to include your name, date, location, time, species, flight directions, contact details (if you want a reply) and the like. Anonymous postings may not be uploaded and may not even be recognised by our system. Please also keep to topic "Visible Migration".

If this system works, it may well be possible to develop it further. It is the regular vis / migratory species and their regular movements we are interested in, not the twithcable scarcities or uncommon local breeders which have no place here on these pages.

Please add your posting below by selecting the "COMMENTS" option directly below this mail and following the instructions. To add to our knowledge, why not get out this Easter, give it a try and report back? As you will see there have been Meadow Pipits moving today and they will on suitable days continue for a good while yet. Whilst not in mass "autumn" numbers these and the humble Pied Wagtails are very much of interest to us, where ever you see them moving! Swallows will be comming soon together with lots more spring vis - give it a try!!

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