Sunday, March 20, 2005

Watchpoint 20-03-2005

Members only watchpoint 20-03-2005
Sunday 20th March 2005
0805 - 1015hr.
Weather and Sky:
A consistently poor morning with low stratus, very moist mist and SSE wind increasing from initially F2 to in excess of F5, and despite the temperature – bitter cold. Wind: initially SE F2 @ 0630hr, increasing SE F3 by 0800hr and finally SSE F5 by 1000hr (much in excess of SSE F3 @ 600ftasl). Temp: initially 9 dp 9 @ 0630hr, remaining similar 9 (8 @ wp) dp 9, and 10 (8 @ wp) dp 8 by 1015hr. Visibility: variable 1000m min – 1800m max. Cloud: low stratus throughout with base often down to c1100ft asl and continuous cloud block over the Pennine ridge. Pressure: slight fall overnight (last few hours) continuing through the morning with 1022 @ 0630hr and 1021 by 1000hr. After this fall becoming more pronounced during the day.

Another very poor morning with upland and "easterly?" weather probably dominating the vis situation. Hardly any passerine movement that could be seen here and still without the expected mipit wave! also notably no Sky Lark on the move at all today. However a lot more gulls than yesterday. Thrushes moved on.

Moving Birds:
Fieldfare 4 > SE
alba 4 > N
Redshank 4 > E
Meadow Pipit 11 > N
Common Gull 27 > N and NW
BH Gull 106 > NW and N
Lapwing 10 > NW
Herring Gull 6 > N
LBB Gull 12 > N
Golden Plover 8 > SE
corvids 12 > W
all Blackbirds gone.

Golden Plover c 250
Lapwing c80
Twite 6
Magpie 8



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