Sunday, March 13, 2005

Watchpoint 12-03-2005

Members only watchpoint 12-03-2005
Saturday 12th March 2005
0825 - 1045hr
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating morning, with initially open skies soon overdrawing, but another mainly sunny, cold, and frosty morning with temperatures just creeping above zero towards the end. Snow still lying locally only behind the walls, in the south Dales on hill tops and in gullies but Cleveland Hill high tops still well covered. Wind: initially W F4 @ 0630, becoming WNW F4 by 0830 and finally NW F4 by Temp: initially –1 dp –4 @ 0630, +2 (0 @ wp) dp –3 @ 0840hr and finally +4 (0.5 @ wp) dp –3 by 1045hr. Visibility: +Leck Fell, NNW; +Cleveland Hills, NE; Humber Bridge, E and remaining similar throughout. Cloud: initially open sky 0ok. Translucent cirrostratus towards the horizons and little contrailing. Fractus soon forming locally together with heavy cumulus in and spreading from the far west. Becoming stratocumulus 4ok to the west and cu humilis / mediocris 2ok to the east by 1030hr (base c3000ft asl). Pressure: static overnight at 1006 and remaining similar all morning.

Another wonderful morning to be out but still little moving locally, probably all suppressed by low temperatures, generally -0 and F4 wind. Bitter cold. The few birds that were in the sky were notably higher than last week, with still little passerine activity. Two large flocks of Starlings totalling c760, put up by a raptor combined and made their way off unusually high to the east. A few Skylarks were again noted after 0900hr moving > W. All the Curlews were moving E and NE with 2 > NW and Lapwings in singles and fews were trickling N and NW and were probably more than counted.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 4 > NW
Skylark 9 > W
Golden Plover 16 > SW
Carrion Crow 25 mainly > NW
Starling c760 > E
LBB Gull 13+ > NW
Lapwing 9 > N and NW
Goosander 10 > N
Goldfinch 3 > W
Curlew 5 > E - NW

Golden Plover 55
Lapwing 64
Redshank 3
Skylark 1 distant in song flt.