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Golden Plovers and Counting

Golden Plovers and Counting (27-03-2005)
Hi Theo
Great photos and a very interesting method of counting the masses. Lots of Goldies here yet as well as those which already seem established on the moor top mosses. Interested in what race these might seem to be. I am working on how to get the photos accessible from these pages.I'm sure that we can get the photos on the site somehow!

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Large numbers of Golden Plover on Sandwith Moor last few days Dave. I estimated at around 3K and yesterady managed to get a photo of a flock of about two thirds in flight and overlaid a grid on the image to do a count result: 1860 so not too far out. Anyway I have posted a comment about Golden Plovers, I was trying out a camera on loan and flight images take in Shutter Priority at 1/ 800th using 18-70mm lens (at 70) thought you may be interested in the grid and count - feel this is quite a useful technique.

Posted by theo k to [Visible Migration] at 3/27/2005 11:23:10 AM

Since this mail there have been up to 8k Golden Plovers at this site (29th March 2005) – a wonder to behold!
Here are the photos. Sorry if they take too long to load as am still experimenting!!


Golden Plover flock in air

Golden Plover flight detail

Golden Plover flock on ground

Count Grid

Count Grid detail


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