Sunday, May 15, 2005

Watchpoint 15-05-2005

Members only watchpoint 15-05-2005
Sunday 15th May 2005
0820 - 1035hr
Weather and Sky:
A cool grey static morning with early frost and light variable winds. See Detail Report.

In the skies a bird-less morning with no mid morning Swift or hirundine wave materialising. The only birds still on the move today were the ever pushing Lesser black-backed Gulls, with 27 passing NW, throughout, but mainly towards the end of the watch. No small gulls were seen at all today. A single Dunlin left high > NNW at 0850, seemingly moved on and seen off by an escort of two Lapwings, one of them following it high into the sky. Otherwise just as Brian found, quite a "birdy" morning, with all of the local stuff very much in evidence and taking up much of the interest.

Moving Birds:
Swift 4 > N
Swallow 3 > NWish
Lesser black-backed Gull 27 > NW
Dunlin 1 > NNW



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