Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wilsden 28-06-2005

Wilsden 28-06-2005
Tuesday 28th June 2005
1935 – 2020hr
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating evening after a fine sunny day. Cloud increasing from SW whilst wind generally east – things on the change. Wind: E / ESE variable F3. Temp: 16 dp 7. Visibility, haze increasing. Cloud: thin cirrostratus to north and overhead complete cover. To south, increasing deep but high strato cloud, advancing from SW with rapidly developing and deepening cumulus with some distant thunder. Pressure: steady fall all day, currently 1015.

A short watch from Wilsden tonight and very predictably Swifts moving east. Most high and some at the limit of 10x binocular vision. Not in big numbers but a total of 77 counted in the 45 min watch. The larger more static numbers of the last few days all gone now.
Otherwise only three Curlew going west and the regular Starling flow to roost.

Birds in the sky:
Swift 77 > eastish
Curlew 3 > W


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