Friday, July 29, 2005

Swifts again

Many thanks for this Paul
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I've been reading your BLOG and the remarks re Swifts. Just a few things I can remember from this week. On Wednesday 27th there were about a dozen in the area of Haworth across from the station, screeching around the houses in their inimitable way. This behaviour I find fascinating, one of the best of experiences. Last Sunday (24th), whilst in York, at my daughters I noticed a good number of them feeding over the estate where she lives. At one point, as the weather changed and it became more unsettled with rain in the air I saw a large cluster of 100 plus circling overhead. There's still a few about here on the Glen and whilst up the Washburn on Monday (25th), Swifts were still about in small numbers.
Paul King.


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