Sunday, August 14, 2005

Watchpoint 14-08-2005 eve.

Members only watchpoint 14-08-2005 eve
Sunday 14th August 2005.
1750 – 2015hr
A dramatically improved late afternoon, with light to almost calm, improved visibility and little cloud. Wind: light and variable NNE F1 to calm. Temp:15. Visibility: improving to >Leck Fell / Humber Bridge. Cloud: initially stratocumulus 3ok reducing to cu humilis 1ok. With some altostratus. Pressure: still rising 1023 by 2000hr.

A magical evening of almost calm, along with the birds as well! Only problem being the flies which were horrendous. Initially little in the sky until c1900hr when a well marked, but well spaced, wave of Swifts passed north-west all were high and on a broad front. A total of 35 were counted, but with full attention there would have been more. By 1945hr all had gone. In addition during this period a group of five Sand Martin came down to feed over the tranquil water and several more were noted in the sky out to the west, all going south or southish. At 1928hr three Common Terns crossed the water but kept on going, climbing away to the west, followed by a distant Cormorant out to the north, going east. Between 1940 and 2000hr several groups of Meadow Pipits passed quite high going west and more Sand Martins were seen. Finches assumed Linnets were also seen bounding west high up. In addition since this morning a large group of 51 Canadas had arrived, the most for some while. Whilst Swallows were noted, out high over the valley, none seemed to be moving. During the period of swift movement and upper sky searching, exceptionally high groups of gulls, probably mostly Lesser black-backs were noted on several occasions, all were going west and north-west, all probably with the coast well in view. Curlews were the only waders seen.

Moving birds:
Swift 35+ > NW
Sand Martin 13 > Southish
Common Tern 3 > W
Cormorant 1 > E
Meadow Pipit c40 > W
Curlew 6 > W

Wheatear 3
Canada 51

Flat calm and tranquility (c) Posted by Picasa



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