Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Databases and Migration Counting

Databases and Migration counting
If you count bird migration with constant effort you should seriously consider adding your data to the following databases, thus making it available to others with similar interest as well as supporting the national cause.

To my knowledge there are two "on line" products available, both different and complementary in what they present and make available.

the BTO BirdTrack, which hopefully everyone counting bird migration in the UK already subscribes to and is familiar with.



Dawn Balmer
British Trust for Ornithology
The Nunnery
IP24 2PU

For information please contact Dawn at the BTO. Or to subscribe follow the route on the BTO website.

the new Trektellen.nl "Migration Counts Great Britain"


or for the main site (select English), for The Netherlands, Belgium and France:


Personally, I already contribute to BirdTrack and intend to contribute to Trektellen as well, there being just so many ways to interrogate the Trektellen database easily, that together with the BirdTrack weekly animations you can literally see the birds move across the country as they arrive and on a day by day basis (subject to enough data availability like there is in Holland) - just what we need.

The Trektellen database is designed by Jethro Waanders and programmed by Jethro Waanders & Gerard Troost. For information please contact the webmaster Gerard Troost. Or to subscribe to the database please contact Jethro Waanders via the Trektellen.nl website.

If you have not seen, have a look at both, specifically the charting, graphical and mapping representations, see what you think and please do contribute, so your data is available for others with similar interests locally, in other parts of the country, or abroad to compare. The data from our members only watchpoint near Oxenhope is submitted to both organisations to give you the readers or contributers to this weblog, maximum insight as to the status on passage of the birds that we see.

There is also lots and lots of scope for comparison, not just to bird migration in the UK but in The Netherlands, Belgium and France as well!!

I am shortly to add some links to the above websites for you assistance in browsing or adding data to the databases. These will appear down the right hand side top of this page.

Good Migration Counting, and now databasing!



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