Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Interesting Stuff Simon – a different perspective to what you see standing in one place!! Dave.

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""I am almost certain that our own local mipits are now long gone (at least from our moors) due to long gaps with no birds followed by frequent surges of birds moving through rapidly in set directions ""

Yesterday (19th) walked from Cow&Calf to Swastika Stone and back on two separate paths and had about 70 Mipits. All disturbed by us, well spread out and not particularly flighty or in groups. Today on walk east of Threshfield there were similar numbers and behaviour.

This was in contrast to walk from Bradup to above Swastika Stone on 31st August when c100 were very flighty (not obviously being disturbed by us) and active and in groups. Also walk over Burley Moor on 6th Sept when c230 showed similar behaviour.

Just from a casual observation point of view the recent birds 'felt' like local birds and the earlier ones seemed more likely to be on migration.

Incidentally those Skylark on Sharp Haw seemed to be held up by a strong easterly(!) wind.



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