Sunday, September 18, 2005

Watchpoint 18-09-2005

Members only watchpoint 18-09-2005
Sunday 18th September 2005
0755 - 1115hr (DCB, HC, PC)
Weather and Sky:
A very moist grey morning with little improvement, almost static temperatures and some intermittent drizzle. Wind: W F3, remaining similar with occasional gusting F4 / 5. Temp: 12 @ 0640, to 14 by 1100hr. Visibility: Exceptionally clear to SSE (Belmont, Anglia TV mast, Donnington-on Bain, central Lincs) and E (Humber Bridge) but to W and NW persistent cloud block over Pennines (c10km max). Cloud: stratus with base c 1600ft asl (less than 1500ft block over Pennines), clear edge to strato ceiling however out far beyond Leeds to the east. Pressure: very slight rise over night with 1025 by 0630 and 1027hpa by 1100hr.

Hard work to get the birds this morning despite good conditions, with ever moving Pipits after an initial slow down, coming only at well spaced intervals. Nearly all were low and going to the west with none at all of yesterdays high south birds in evidence. Only two hirundines were seen, both Swallows and both up in the cloudbase, moving fast. Three parties of Snipe were also up in the cloudbase and moving west. Otherwise, just a handful of finches including a single party of Siskin heard high overhead but not seen. A check of the woods on the way out located at least six Goldcrests and 15 Coal Tits, both sp fresh in today. Yet another Grey Squirrel was picked up moving determinedly north-west along the long wall, but no birds came within range of the camera!!

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 126 > W
Chaffinch 10 > W
Snipe 6 > W
Swallow 1 > S and 1 > W
Tree Pipit
alba 3 > SW
Siskin calls from one party O/H > SW
Grey Wagtail 1 > W
Starling 1 > E and 1 > W
Linnet 10 > W
Grey Squirrel 1 > NW
Coal Tit 15
Goldcrest 6

Carrion Crow c40 mobbing party.
Lesser Black backed Gull 34


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